Is he an actual a/c professional?

When I came back to the house from work to pick up the lunch I’d forgot to bring, I noticed somebody parked outside of my house. The vehicle looked like a job truck, but it wasn’t a company that I had seen before in this side of town. Suddenly I had the idea in my head that somebody was robbing my house! I slowly walked in, preparing for the worst. There was a man petting my cat, and I was so startled that I screamed out loud and scared both the random man and my cat to death! The man’s tool belt went flying and dug a hole into the wall too, so it was quite a scene. I came to find out that my partner had noticed my heating and cooling unit had been acting out of character. In an effort to do something nice for me, they had called over a local Heating and Air Conditioning repair company to maintenance it for me while I worked. How sweet! Unfortunately, I had just startled the Heating and Air Conditioning repairman so badly that I had a hole in the living room wall. Luckily, the guy was a actually good sport about it. He apologized for scaring myself, saying that fixing the hole would be no problem since he had patch kits in his truck. About an hour later, the two of us had made up and were laughing about the ordeal. Plus, I now had a functioning heating and cooling unit! I thanked the man as he left, while still feeling a bit silly about how that played out. I actually am thankful for my dear partner having my A/C unit fixed up, but I really wish she would have told me beforehand – now that guy probably thinks I’m crazy!

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