The terrible air quality at the market

Our city has this outdoor farmers market I love that is open everyday. They have fresh fruits plus vegetables on every day of the month, plus they offer the most competitive prices around. Since I spend a lot of time shopping at the high end grocery store, only I suppose if everything is priced perfectly. Last weekend, I wanted to head out to the farmers market to option up a few baby eggplants. It’s just now becoming prime baby eggplant season, plus I wanted to sample the harvest. The outdoor temperatures were getting close to ninety degrees, although I actually wanted fresh eggplant for lunch. I drove with the car air conditioning on high. I was surprised to find a big offering of red cling peaches. It’s late in the summer season plus these peaches are genuinely expensive at the supermarket. The farm stands were all selling them for half the price of the local grocery store. I finally found my number one vendor. He had a huge crate of purple plus red baby eggplants. I bought twenty in total, plus raced back to the car. I turned on the car plus turned the air conditioning on high. That’s when I remembered the spicy boiled peanuts. I constantly get boiled peanuts from the farmers market. Even though the car air conditioning felt great, I turned off the car plus raced back inside. I did not want to drive all the way back to my lake house without my number one best snack. By the time I got back to the car, the sunshine was blaring overhead. It felt like the middle of the desert. Thankfully, I had a long drive back to the house. I set the temperature control to 76 degrees plus turned on the stereo


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