The changing heating and air

When we went and visited relatives in the south last week, we were fortunate enough to have a place to stay in… A neighbor of the family was out of town and let the family stay in her home for the time we were going to be there; My sister and I took a small room in the basement of the house while our mother took a bedroom on the third floor… It was undoubtedly nice and we felt right at home, then there was only 1 problem: the a/c. The house central heating and air, and a control unit thermostat, but the temperatures in the more than 2 dining rooms were vastly different. The basement dining room was cold chilly all of the time. The bed I slept in was pushed up against a big window. At night, the chilly air worked its ways into the room… Both my sis and I had to find additional blankets in order to be warm enough to sleep; On the other hand, the upstairs dining room was boiling warm all of the time. The a/c unit was so quiet we could hardly tell that it was working, you absolutely couldn’t tell that it was by the temperature in that room. It is different too because the thermostat itself was situated right outside of the upstairs dining room door. Anyways, our mother had to sleep on top of the covers and leave the fan on. I guess we can’t complain a lot. We had a place to sleep and take a shower and it wasn’t costing us any cash. A different Heating, Ventilation, and A/C machine is not much to have to put up with.

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