Switching off the a/c unit

My granddad was the youngest of numerous siblings back in the day! He was consistently the baby of the family, and got picked on even when they were all completely aged and gray! Once the baby, consistently the baby, he would say to me sadly. He still says it to me, to this unquestionably day, because he moved in a little while ago with my partner and I and I doubt he will ever move out. He drives me crazy, totally crazy, sometimes, but he was consistently there for me growing up, even when the whole rest of my family bailed on me, so I am grateful to be able to try to repay him… But he seriously has to learn to leave my control unit alone, then I know growing up on the farm with so multiple siblings, he considers things including air conditioning to be a luxury, so he is consistently secretly turning off my cooling system when I don’t watch him, and even when it is the most sweltering, humid 85 degrees in the beach house he says “we don’t need the cooling system, just open a little window.” I have to explain this is my house, and I get to decide when every one of us get to run the cooling system. I worked difficult to pay for a unquestionably nice, high tech, energy efficient Heating and A/C system, because I appreciate to run my own cooling system a lot. I don’t mind paying the energy bills, but that also entitles me to dictate the temperature control settings as I see fit.

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