The inspection of the HVAC

Although it is mid-October, that doesn’t mean anything to our weather.  Our hurricane season lasts from June until December and this year the storms seem to want to take up the entire spanse of time.  We are expecting a Category 4 hurricane to make landfall in about twelve hours. It is predicted to come ashore about twenty miles from where I live.  We have been warned to evacuate, but my wife and I are loathe to leave our home. We have several reasons, but probably the dumbest of all reasons is that we are afraid of the large oak trees that are in our backyard.  Last year, we had a big oak tree that came dangerously close to landing on our home. It ended up destroying our fence, the patio furniture and it came right down on top of our air conditioning compressor. We had no lights or air conditioning for over a week.  When we were finally able to get the tree moved, we needed to inspect the AC compressor for damage. We hoped that it would be able to be repaired, but it looked like the AC compressor had taken a direct blow. Unfortunately, our insurance wouldn’t cover the damage.  I’m pretty sure we are going to have to buy a new AC compressor and as expensive as that may be, it will be paid for out of our pockets. We called the HVAC company and we finally had someone come out to inspect the AC compressor. Our assessment was right and he told us we needed to replace the unit.  

heater and a/c

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