Setting up our a/c plan

The last big storm that went through our area taught my wife and I a big lesson.  We went for almost a week without any power. This meant that we didn’t have a washer, dryer, refrigerator, cooking stove, and most importantly, we didn’t have air conditioning.  The hurricane had gone through in the middle of July and living in the south in July is hotter than you know what. It was after we had all of the clean-up complete that we made our decision to never go without air conditioning again.  We waited until fall and went in search of a good generator for our home. We visited the home repair centers and a couple HVAC showrooms. We talked to several people about what sized generator we needed for our home and if it was best to have a hard wired generator or a gas fed generator.  After getting all of the information, we called the HVAC company and told them what we wanted and asked them to install a generator into our home. We had it set up to come on when the power had been off for more than five minutes. Last week, we had a Category two hurricane go through, but it was strong enough to knock out the power.  Five minutes later, our generator was running and we still had air conditioning. I knew our neighbors noticed we were the only ones in the complex that had power. We got a lot of questions when they were done with their clean-up. We told them they had to contact their HVAC company and get information on whatever generator they should use.

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