Quality a/c at the prom

Before I go too far, I’ve got to tell you that my prom sucked.  If anyone tells me they have the most amazing memories of their prom, I just roll my eyes and walk away.  They probably had it in the school gym and their parents all dropped them off. My prom was a fiasco from beginning to end.  I broke up with the girl I was dating, on the way to the prom. I ended up paying for the entire evening even though she skipped out and left with  her best friend’s boyfriend. The air conditioning in the ballroom we had rented, was not working, and everyone was walking out because of the AC. I found out that my now ex-girlfriend had been crowned prom queen, and her now new boyfriend, was prom king.  His ex-girlfriend and I went to another place to finish the prom. We ended up in another party that was down the hall from our prom. They thought we were late arrivals to the wedding. Since they had air conditioning, and our prom had no AC, we stayed. We had a blast that night.  She was as crazy as I was and we just fit right in with the other people who were there and close to our age. I called my dad who came to the party and took the girl home first and then he drove me home. I told him about the horrible air conditioning and what all had happened and he laughed.  He said his prom was horrible too. Now, ten years later, although the prom sucked, the girl who crashed the wedding with me is going to another wedding with me, but it is our wedding.

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