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My brother had gone to school for HVAC repair and installation.  He spent sixteen months there, but then he decided he wanted more.  He took classes in HVAC design. He ended up with all of the certifications and licenses needed for him to be able to open his own HVAC contracting business.  Everyone was very proud of all of his accomplishments. During his schooling he was getting his practical training through a local HVAC contractor and now he was going to be the competition.  He wanted to get some great advertising going, so he turned to me. I had gone to school for graphic and website designing. I knew my way around SEO, and creating ads that would work. I could build a website that even a blind man could find.  He already had the concept for his HVAC logo, and all I had to do was implement his logo with the website, and start the advertising for his HVAC company. We worked together to perfect the website and within a month, he was on the first page of the yahoo and google search results for local HVAC contractors.  He now has four additional HVAC technicians working for him and he has three more vans, along with a vast inventory. My website is constantly changing and improving, and he thanks me everyday for his success. I’m thinking about making some changes in his logo and how to give more information about his full scope of business.  Within the next year, I could get him to the top of his HVAC game, as far as rankings are concerned. The actual HVAC work is all on him.

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