The settings with the heater and a/c

Many years ago, when I met Amber, I knew that we would always be friends.  I loved sitting and talking to her. I think we shared our deepest and darkest secrets, when we were chatting on the phone, deep into the night.  When we went to college, we thought we would lose each other. Somehow, we always managed to gravitate to the same parties and the same type of people.  In our sophomore year, we decided that we wanted to get an apartment together. Neither of us had an inclination to become a couple, we just wanted to keep our friendship going.  We found this great little house and the rent was perfect. The HVAC system worked perfectly. We decided that the thermostat should be kept at seventy, regardless of the weather and that is where it had been for over a year.  Then I got a girlfriend. She was cute and sassy, but she lived in the south and she liked being warm. It was hard for her to get used to our winter and whenever she came over, she would turn the thermostat up to eighty. I had never heard Amber upset before, but she was mad when she saw the energy bill.  She blamed it all on my girlfriend for adjusting the thermostat to eighty, when she was there. I had to talk to her and tell her she had to leave the thermostat alone. She blamed Amber for my decision, but I knew it was right. She walked out of the apartment and never returned. Amber and I are still best of friends.  I’ll be with her when she has our first child next week.

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