What is wrong with the heating equipment?

It seems like November is the month to go shopping.  Everywhere you look there are some kind of Black Friday specials.  Even our local supermarket are getting into the Black Friday mood. I noticed they had shellfish at a ridiculously low price and they were bringing back ten cent canned vegetables for only one hour.  I had recently been told that I needed to have my furnace replaced. The HVAC tech had been at my home three times already for the season, and he said that my furnace would not last through the winter.  I saw that my HVAC company was also running a Black Friday special on new heating system. I was thrilled at this news, because I was not prepared to put out thousands of dollars at this time. I found the perfect furnace system for me.  I wanted to steer away from gas and oil, and I found a nice electric furnace for my home. I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about the ductwork, and it would be a cleaner heat for my wife, who had asthma. I went to the showroom and I ordered the electric furnace that my wife and I had talked about.  I got a twenty percent discount for buying that day and they also had free installation and removal if it was installed within ten days. I wanted to set up my appointment for as soon as possible, but the closest day they had was almost two weeks away. This was also had out of their free install timeline.  I was really upset, but they told me they would honor the free furnace installation since it was their lack of availability.

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