The boiler system is horrible

I was up in our apartment office, the other day, working on a client’s edits when I heard an entirely  strange sound. At first I thought it was just odd feedback from my headphones, or one of the cats, however, an hour later, I heard it again… That time, I didn’t have my slippers on, so I felt it in my feet! It felt loud… Finally, since our roommates had gone to work for the afternoon, I took off our headphones and just listened to electronica on the speakers; I had a lot of work to do, even though I wanted to try to suss out the  noise. Twenty minutes later, when the gas furnace kicked on again, I had my answer. The noise started again instantly after. Sure enough, as soon as I went downstairs, the boiler made itself heard. The sound itself was pretty deafening; it had a pitch to it that made my ears ring. I know nothing about boilers, however there was a card on the side that the landlord or the Heating and A/C guy must have been using to keep track of service. The last date of repair was several years ago! Not only that, the boiler is 33 years old! I texted our roommates plus called our landlord ASAP. He tried to tell me that it was on us to repair the Heating plus A/C, even though it’s nowhere on the lease. After a long hour of arguing, our awful landlord is finally getting the boiler cared for. I’m going to laugh if he has to spend his money to replace it too.

propane boiler

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