A condenser clean up

Last weekend, my boyfriend was out of town, leaving the A/C care to me. However, I figured it wouldn’t be too hard, even though I had never done it before… So the first thing I did was look up central A/C cleaning as well as care online. I found a lot of useful information, but some of it made me nervous. The process sounded straight-forward, but if I messed up I could mess up the condenser component. If I bent the blades, I would unquestionably carefully have to bend them back with pliers, and plus, if I broke anything, I would have to spend money with a Heating & Air Conditioning supplier to repair it. The reason why my boyfriend and I clean the condenser ourselves and also try to scrub the vents and HVAC duct is because we all don’t have the cash right now for professional Heating & Air Conditioning care. So, I did what I have always done in a time of household criss, I called Dad. He guided me through the whole condenser cleaning with the patience of a saint… With Dad on the line, I had no problem removing the condenser cabinet as well as hosing out the debris. Then I pulled up weeds and cleared out a space of a few feet around the condenser, so nothing could block the air flow. Once the whole method dried out, a few hours later, I closed it all back up again. My boyfriend was shocked when he came back from his business trip and didn’t have to do any heating and cooling method care, and I was unquestionably proud of myself.

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