The a/c machine

I dig where I live; There are all kinds of mountain trails to hike, campgrounds to set up for the evening, and a wealth of other activities! While I do dig this town, there’s 1 thing I’m not so happy about… See, the size of this village entirely only calls for 1 or 2 places to maintenance the area. While an immense village might have general business or specialized business that focus on HVAC, electrical tasks or plumbing, we only have 2 general business in here – plus only 1 of them has maintenance professionals with the appropriate training and experience to handle HVAC related repairs and service. While it’s great for that business as they possess a monopoly on the HVAC maintenance industry in town, it is bad for the rest of us! Over 2 weeks ago, I called the corporation in regards to our home’s HVAC unit, however for 2 days, the outdoor A/C condenser was making such an awfully loud grinding sound that I had to split the power to the unit! I called the HVAC corporation to schedule a maintenance appointment, and they were completely booked out until the following week! I had to wait over a week for these men to come visit, as the business in the village don’t want to drive this far out of town separate from charging an arm plus a leg for their services. Thankfully it was only the Springtime, so I was able to get through most of the week by just opening a few windows and running a few box fans around the house. These men are supposed to be coming this week, then i swear, this wait had better be very well worth it!

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