A huge a/c plan

Making horror films has been a dream of mine, ever since I was 10 years old. When I was in college, I decided to major in corporation management – but I happily volunteered to on the side to work with film crews that were in the film program, as I wanted to be involved in any horror films they attempted to make. I still remember when I was on the set for this one being made for a film festival, and I was wearing a costume to look like a creature! The trouble for me really was that the set was pretty warm, because we were shooting outside in the summertime heat. It was night time, yeah – but it was still over 76 degrees outside with high humidity as well! This caused complications for the makeup I needed to wear, as I was covered in sweat so much that the makeup was running off of me! After they reapplied the makeup, they had me sit directly in front of a large oscillating fan to stay cool. I would’ve gave anything to be shooting inside a house with an air conditioner, or an empty garage keeping cool with a large central cooling system! I was so thankful when the next scene was being shot inside an “abandoned home”, as the air conditioner was running quietly through the whole shoot. I was able to walk around relaxed, enjoying the indoor air quality levels and feeling less rushed to have to do my scenes, then overall the experience was a delight to be involved in, and I told the guys making the film that i’d blissfully be in the next film – as long as they could guarantee we all had excellent air conditioner on the set.

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