We love custom furniture

All of us began the idea of constructing our lake apartment there were several things that I wanted and our construction guy wasn’t gleeful with all of our ideas. When both of us were designing our whole home and I wanted extra wide window sills he didn’t know why I would want to spend money more for that item. When I explained it to him he honestly didn’t get it, however did it anyway. I want to be extra wide window ledges so that our cat would sleep in the window comfortably and even take a nap without hanging off. He grumbled something about a waste of cash however I didn’t care. I have been that way about a lot of items in our life and prefer having things that are slightly odd. This may have something to do with the idea that my own Mom was a carpenter and she used to build houses and furniture to fit an area instead of going out and purchasing it. I don’t have that skill, so I am forced to spend cash for these customized pieces if I want them. Happily, there are several manufacturers that will do just that for you providing you are willing to spend the cash the cost of the substitute. Think of our living room set for instance, I fell in love with the wood of one of the tables in the local store by I didn’t like the color of it that came with. It has a beautiful wood but the finish is just terrible.

custom made love seat 

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