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My friends got into a heated discussion a year over a purchase of new home office furniture. My friend wanted something that was fabric-covered plus comfortable plus our friend wanted new leather furniture… Of course, my friend also wanted to have everything with a recliner built-in plus our buddy was not having any of it… my buddy said he didn’t care about the know of leather plus the idea that they live in a colder weather conditions made it even more content in the Winter time. My buddy tried to argue that the capability of leather was a better investment plus the idea that it could be cleaned way nicer than a fabric was another plus, but as I listen to their “ chat”, I found that they both had clear points, but buying furniture for your new home is not a real thing to do these afternoons plus you want to make sure that you invest in something that will last you for a few years. I care about the idea of having the recliners even though I had to agree with our mom on the idea that the leather would be freezing in the Winter time, however every one of us also had to take an account that all of us have dogs plus that their nails would make havoc to the leather. Since I wasn’t the 1 giving the money for the furniture I absolutely didn’t have any say so at all. In the end they decided to meet halfway on the whole idea.

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