I had a whole crew there

When my folks decided to downsize their whole house they had to make some pretty pressing decisions. It was no way that 26 years of collecting everything from furniture to memories was going to fit into their new house. The 2nd thing they did was scrub out the attic and tell all of us that we needed to come grab all of our belongings that they have been storing for several years. That was the easy portion of it. The next portion came when they had to decide what pieces of furniture they needed to have and which a ones they wanted to sell. My dad had consistently been a fan of the larger furniture and that became a sizable problem when trying to figure out what was this in the modern residing space. He was never happy with a familiar recliner and consistently wanted the largest one that they had on the showroom floor. Now they would be residing any much more tight section and there was no way that the new items were going to fit in the small living room that they had. Mom of course was glad with this system because she never care about having the bigger bulky stuff anyway. When she got the chance to go down and order new furniture she easily had the ability to switch the fabric to what she wanted and even order added drawers in the Tim Hortons Cappuccino table that she thought would look ideal.

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