Need heating for the pills

My medicine is doing something to my whole body temperature. I just can’t seem to set my Heating, Ventilation, and A/C according to how I adore it, and my body temperature keeps making myself and others hot and then legitimately cold.  Isn’t medicine supposed to make you think better? Alas, what the doctor offered me, has myself and others feeling as if it is the middle of December and it is still real freezing out. I am walking around the house, bundled up in a coat, and attempting to turn up the temperature control.  My lover hates it when I am messing with temperature devices. My guy said that I was trying to turn the house into a sizzling box and melting all of her Winter time weight off him. My guy also hates being so overly heated all morning long and everyday. Although, I just can’t handle uneven temperatures below seventy.  I talked to the doc about this and he told myself and my partner that it was normal. My partner sat there and was super crazy at our doctor. He wanted myself and others to be fixed. He said it was not healthy to require so much heater use when on my pills. After the doctor’s visit, he told myself and others that I could turn up the climate control in certain areas of the house. Then I had to leave his office and the rest of the house alone. All of us have Heating, Ventilation, and A/C zone control in our home.  

heating device

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