Snow hut ruined by heating

For the first time in a long while, all my kids are under my roof. They all have children of their own and lives of their own. Now, it was pressing to myself and others to get my kids all together at least a single time this year for the festivities. My children were telling myself and others stories of terrible things that they had done in their childhood days that I did not think about. Apparently there was a fort and heating mishap that I missed out on when I was at work a single morning.  My oldest was telling myself and others more about the igloo they had once constructed. My youngest said she was still scared of narrow spaces because of it. The built this igloo and they even put a small heater device inside, so they could play eskimo. No one thought about how the oil furnace would melt the snow. The oldest got out and left our youngest inside, while the rest went for popcorn. My youngest was thinking that they would come back. The heat felt great, and the others didn’t go back right away, and our little girl fell asleep.  My oldest said that they heard yelling several minutes later, and they dug quickly at where the igloo had recently been there. They found the space heating system and a small layer that was our scared and shivering girl. The kids raced outdoors, got the other kids up to their rooms and my oldest wrapped our youngest in sheets and sat him next to the gas furnace air vent.

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