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I love historical stories – especially when they have true and interesting facts. Did you happen to know that Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution was funded mainly with gold by a man named Jacob Schiff who was a Wall Street capitalist?  When you learn about history the world can be much more dynamically interesting.  Almost without fail, the mainstream version of history that we get in high school and college is far removed from the truth of what really happened. Another aspect of history which I care about is the interesting way of finding patterns of societal changes that are based on inventions.  Revolutionary in its own right, electricity brought us many things. Most notably, in my opinion, it brought us air conditioning.  According to most historians the world’s very first ‘air conditioner’ was used at President Garfield’s deathbed, as people cooled him down by 20 degrees by fanning ice. The first real air conditioning machine was built by Willis Carrier.  You may recognize that particular name because it is still generally involved in the Heating and A/C industry.  Carrier’s first patent for air conditioning was called an ‘Apparatus for Treating AIr.’ This was developed sometime in 1902.  The term air conditioner was not coined until much late by a guy named Stuart W. Cramer.  In 1914, the very first air conditioning was installed in a mansion for a cost of only about $10 dollars. Since then, the cost of this type of technology has greatly decreased. It’s also become way more accessible to the public.  Air conditioning is now a feature found in almost every single house in the U.S. The spread of air conditioning has been followed by an basic  increase in overall productivity. Huge cities in the southern parts of the U.S. are now more habitable.  Air conditioning was revolutionary.

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