Need to have the a/c installed

For the past year, I’ve been working at a tech start-up company as an IT service specialist; One of our largest frustrations at this job comes from dealing with the laptop tower storage room, as the room is always having temperature control troubles! Computer towers have to be kept cool to operate at good performance, so anything that disrupts their ability to stay cool can lead to overheating troubles & things of that nature; The room where these laptop towers are stored is in a small, cramped room in the basement of the office building, so the heat naturally builds up in that room, however combine that with the fact that the air conditioning for the office doesn’t have a ventilation point in the basement, & you have consistent heating troubles every day! I was lucky though, as I discovered a solution for the heating troubles by accident, and i was stopped behind a heating & air conditioning service truck on the road the other day, which referenced all the services the dealer can provide, but among the services was “ductless mini-split upgrade”. The name was intriguing, so I researched the ductless mini-split unit when I got to work. I was amazed to find that it was intended to be a small version of a conventional unit seen in hotels & apartments! There was no ductwork needed, as the system included an air handler indoors & a heating/cooling device outdoors. I presented this cooling option to our boss that day, who enjoyed it & eagerly tied up an upgrade appointment for the following week!

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