Back to being an a/c tech

Before I decided to go back to university for a degree in criminal justice, I initially wanted to work in early childhood care and education, but that all changed 1 afternoon, when I was interning at a daycare center; When I arrived I saw a heating & A/C maintenance truck parked outside the facility, and immediately I feared for the worst! When I walked into the center, I watched as the daycare director got into a screaming match with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning company. I came into the conversation late, so all I heard was the company tell the director that they were out of their minds! The director told them to leave before she called the cops, and so they walked out of the center. I then approached the director and introduced myself; As I talked with the director about duties for the afternoon, I asked about what the deal was with the heating and A/C people earlier. “I caught them stealing diapers”, she explained, “and when I showed them the surveillance footage to prove it, they said it was illegal to spy on them! Can you believe that?!” I truly couldn’t! That just goes to show how pressing it is to do research on your heating, ventilation and air conditioning maintenance people before hiring them to handle your Heating and A/C equipment. I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking on that encounter I saw earlier in the afternoon, and did some research on the company and the company that was accused of stealing, however believe it or not, that heating and A/C company was fired from a different heating and A/C maintenance firm for stealing stuff from the company! My investigative skills swayed me towards pursuing a work in law enforcement instead – and the rest is now history.

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