Regulating our temperature

I grew up residing in the country, but now I live in the city. No, it’s not just a town, but a full on major city, one of the largest in the state, and I like it! People tell me all the time they want to transfer out to the country, and this always makes me laugh. There are several amazing things I like to do and love to see in the city, all kinds of people to meet, why would anyone want to transfer away from all this as well as go out to the middle of dirt farming nowhere? It takes all kinds I suppose. One thing I hear a lot is the fresh air of the country, as if natural ventilation is the world’s only impressive thing, however yes, it is true, there is a lot of fresh out there. But I have a magical device called a central Heating, Ventilation and A/C system that is basically the same thing as fresh air! This unit pulls in the air, cools it, runs it through a series of air filters, dehumidifies it, as well as then re-circulates it into my apartment. My indoor air quality is just as good as the country. My locale regularly smells great, as well as I don’t have to worry about big temperature swings like I do out in the country. In the place I grew up, all of us could be dripping with sweat all throughout the day, then frigid all night, but with my temperature control system I have now keeps me comfy at all times. So yeah, everyone can keep all the fresh air they want, because I have an air conditioner that does all that labor for me. This amazing HVAC system allows me to live close to a vibrant nightlife.

indoor air quality 

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