The gross air quality and a/c

I hated working in the local music store over the Summer! As a Winter time job, the video store was great. Since there is not much to do in the Winter time around here, the place is always busy… My shift were quite long and I had a ton in commission. The store also had a unquestionably superb oil furnace! In the Summer, it was just plain horrible. There was literally nobody that wanted to buy music in the Summer. The store was vacant and you had to labor alone. Also, the store did not have any air conditioning. The only form of cooling was the ceiling fans in the store. The ceiling fans would remain stationary all year long too. They got cleaned once a year, and that was after the Summer… So, when either of us wanted to use the fans, they were dirty and had not been used in forever… Not only are ceiling fans not reasonable means of cooling, but the dirt off the fans feil–you would get hit with dust while in a shift. Also, the air quality was horrible. After breathing in dusty air for a six hour shift, my throat hurt after a while. The worst was my eyes though. The gross indoor air quality made my eyes turn bright red, get watery and itch. It looked enjoy I smoked a ton of pot while in my whole shift. The miserable eyes, the sweaty store and the boring shift alone made me quit the music store job. After awhile,I refused to labor in the Summer due to all of those factors.

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