AC as another prize

                    My son and his wife go all out for Halloween.  Last year, my son looked like his throat had been slit.  His wife looked like she was floating up out of a casket.  A little girl who was dressed like a Zombie and she gave the best performance.  My grandson was dressed as a wolf. He was complaining about sweating inside his costume.  It was also seventy five degrees out on Halloween night. They live in the deep south and this is normal for them in November.  He complained so much about the heat, that my son was trying to figure out a way to provide him some air conditioning inside the costume.  

             He was able to hook up some kind of fan method that had cooled air floating around his voice.  This also added to the hoarseness of his voice, and the quivering when he started to talk, growl, or howl.  It sounded so real that he even frightened some adults. They also hooked up a portable a/c so that it was blowing across the ‘graveyard’.  The AC unit was able to keep the air blowing and the leaves on the trees was moving. The air was still everywhere but in their yard, because of the a/c.  For the sixth year in a row, they won the prize for best Halloween home. I was trying to find a way to have someone outside in a Santa Claus suit all through our gathering, but we were also going to need to get him some heat inside her suit.  Maybe they can fix it for me.

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