The thermostat won’t turn on

There is something up with my thermostat. I didn’t notice it when we first moved in but now that I am going back and forth between the heater and the air conditioner often. The weather outside can’t decide if it is still summer or if winter has gotten here yet. As a result, some days I need to crank the A/C and other days I need the heater on for a while. The truth is that the thermostat has very different readings based on whether the air conditioning is on, the heater is on, or the HVAC system is shut off entirely. For example, I sometimes leave the heater on at night and set it to 75 degrees. When I get out of bed in the morning the thermostat says it is 75 degrees. Then I think the heater can be turned off so I just turn off the HVAC system entirely. Now that it is off, the thermostat reads 76 degrees even though only a moment has passed between the two readings. If I decide to turn on the air conditioning, the thermostat would then immediately go down to 72 degrees or something crazy like that. It seems very unusual, but it is clear that the thermostat room reading changes based on what function of the HVAC system I choose to use at that time. Ultimately, it is time for a new thermostat. I’m thinking of getting a smart thermostat but am not sure I need such advanced technology. I kind of like the simplicity of the old-school thermostats, when they function properly.

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