Leaving our heater on

I paid for my own college, so I was really sensitive to wasted costs. I hated it when the professor wanted me to buy a book that was overpriced. I always really got mad when we would hardly touch the book. I resented going on field trips, performing group projects or dedicating extra time to any class. Finally, the worst was the waste of energy in the cold season. The college would have the boiler set to a temperature. No classroom could change the amount of heating coming in. You just had to adjust to the heating amount you got. If you were on the third floor, there was quality heating. The first floor rooms were always a bit chilly. I was content with this system. What I did not like was the silly college students that would open the windows in the Winter. Why would they do this? They are venting their money out the window. And you just know the college factors in things like this when they come up with tuition. If a bunch of fools are wasting the heating, the bill will increase. How can the boiler achieve the temperature on the central thermostat with the windows even cracked? It will not. The heating system will just stay on and on all day. That means more potential heating repairs and extra high bills at the end of the day. I also would freeze to death with those windows open. I was paying for heating and those idiots were stealing it away. I always wanted to hit the person that opened them.

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