Heated floor set up for the baby

My wife is about to give birth soon and the two of us are nervous. We keep trying to get the home ready and do everything we can. We have baby proofed the entire place. We have the crib, stroller, tons of diapers and all the toys our child could ever need. The newest thing my wife and I are thinking about doing is getting new heating equipment. We both have discussed it at length and  we don’t like that we own a gas furnace. The gas furnace is placed in the family room and has a glass plate covering it. The furnace gets very hot, especially this glass plate. We literally have to warn people from getting near the heating system. If you touch the glass, you get burned. My wife and I are worried that once the baby exploring, this will be a problem. What if our child touches the glass? What if the baby simply bumps it? What my wife and I are thinking of doing is getting heated floors. We could renovate the whole flooring and set up electric heated mats. The new floor is placed on top of the mats and then you have radiant heat. Electric radiant heating is not as efficient as hydronic heating with a boiler, but it is cheaper and an easier installation. My wife and I agree that we don’t want to do heated flooring installation at the time of having a newborn. Moreover, the baby could come any day now. We don’t really have the time yet for this complicated heating step.

hydronic heater set up

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