Whole home humidifier

In my town a lack of humidity is big a problem.  Our winter season normally lasts for a long time, with dire cold and snow.  The temperature is most often below zero, and occasionally well below it too.  The cold results in a lack of moisture in the air, which is made much worse by operating the heating system.  The heated air sucks moisture out of everything it touches, leading to a whole bunch of issues with comfort, air quality, and energy consumption.  Overly dry air causes dry skin to crack, frizzy hair, chapped lips, headache, coughs, sore throat and higher susceptibility to chest infection. It can lead to destruction to home furnishings, causing wood to dry out, crack and split down the middle.  Because dry air feels colder, it encourages higher control equipment settings and costs more in heating. This then puts a greater workload onto the heating system, potentially leading to more frequent malfunction and premature program failure. A whole home humidifier is a easy, effective and fairly inexpensive solution.  There are bypass, fan-style and steam-style humidifiers on the market, which accommodate any size home and style of heating equipment you might have. I chose a steam-style humidifier because it operates independently from the heating system, and allows customized settings. The humidifier uses electrodes to turn water to steam, and then introduces the moisture into the air as it passes through the heating system.  The process is silent and efficient, and the equipment requires only annual service repairs to keep it operating properly. The upgrade of the humidifier has greatly improved the health, comfort and overall pleasure of my home. Also, the savings on our heating bills has suddenly gone down a lot too!

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