No a/c at the wedding outside

Last July, my aunt got married in an outside ceremony.  She arranged the wedding and reception to be held in an open field with a view of a beautiful lake.  The town is really charming, with wild flowers, green trees, and birds floating around on the water. Unfortunately, in the town where the we live, outdoor parties are a very risky idea.  My aunt was lucky enough to avoid the rain, but the temperature climbed into the high nighties with severe humidity. Because it had rained the afternoon before, the ground was very muddy.  There was also goose poop everywhere, many of mosquitoes, and bees. Everyone was covered in sweat profusely, and all of our shoes ended up very dirty… Most of the wedding party ended up with bad sunburns, and the maid of honor passed out from heat exhaustion.  One of the flower girls got stung by a bumblebee, and the ring bearer fell in the lake. There were bugs all over the food, and the cake melted. Throughout the event, people kept disappearing into their cars in order to take advantage of their cars air conditioning system.  The wedding reception didn’t last long, because all the people were ready to get out of the sun and cool off. Without any source of air conditioner, there was no way to combat the weather and keep guests comfortable. My aunts should have chosen a spot with a new heating and cooling system.  While I’m sure an outdoor wedding, with a charming view, sounded very romantic, it turned into an overpriced disaster without access to an air conditioning system. I’m sure her wedding photos aren’t pretty either. An indoor apot would have allowed her to adjust the thermostat, run the air conditioning system component and keep her guests cool.  The humidity, insects, and mud wouldn’t have been an issue if there was temperature control.

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