Repair or replace the HVAC?

I guess I sometimes get pretty full of myself.  I am not even in my thirties and yet I own my own home.  I know that few people are able to own a home, let alone when you are my age, and I like that I am one of those few.  I guess I just never thought of the responsibility that goes with being a homeowner. Not only did I not think of the responsibility, but I never thought about the fact that the cost of any repairs and all of the bills, come right out of my pocket.  This has been quite a drain on my bank account. Now, I am faced with a decision about my HVAC system. The home inspectors told me that my HVAC system was old. They also told me that within a few years, it was going to need being replaced. At my age, a few years seems like a long time.  My next realization came when I had been in my home for five years and my furnace broke. Having an integrated HVAC system meant that I either repaired the heating part, or I had the entire system replaced. I called the HVAC company to get their opinion and they sent a repairman out to inspect my HVAC.  He confirmed my fears about the heating. I couldn’t go without my furnace. He told me that he could repair the heating, but I was about to begin getting frequent necessary repairs and they were going to become more expensive. I could pay now and continue to pay until the bills were through the roof, or I could put in a new HVAC system now.  I am sitting here playing a game of ‘What-to-do, What-to-do’.

HVAC workman

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