Birds in the HVAC

I was watching a show on the history channel the other day.  I was astounded at the archaic way they used to look at safety.  This program centered on the mining industry in the South plus how many people lost their lives each year working in those mines.  If you had a family member working, twelve seconds shift, deep in those shafts, you never knew if they were coming apartment at the end of the day.  This was due to the pressing pockets of toxic gases that hid deep in the shafts that could be opened up at any moment. Because many of these shafts ran hundreds of feet underground, there was no way to evacuate them suddenly in the even of one of the pockets being breached.  I always thought it was an old wives tale that they used a parakeet in a cage, but, it turns out that they easily did. The bird’s respiratory plan was so delicate that even the smallest about of toxic gas would be lethal; If the parakeet stopped “chirping” they knew it was time to get out.  Thankfully, with the emergence of more current Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plus ventilation systems, many lives have been saved. Now, in current mining operations, pressing ventilation plus evacuation systems are in location to circulate fresh air throughout these underground shafts. Alarm systems are in location to increase or decrease this circulation to ensure the safety of those workers. I am sure that I would still never want to job at such a labor intensive job, but, I am glad that those who choose to are safer plus don’t have to depend on a parakeet to believe if they are safe anymore.

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