Leaving a/c on all day

My brother married the wrong woman.  She is very controlling. If he doesn’t do what she says, she will scratch his face or try to dig his eyes.  I keep telling him to get rid of her before it is too late. A couple of days, my mom called and asked me if my brother could stay at my house for a week.  He was filing for a restraint against his wife, and he needed a safe haven. I knew mom and dad were remodeling and they didn’t have room right now, so I agreed.  My brother showed up and I gave him the spare room. I only asked him not to play with the thermostat while I was at work. When I got home from work the next morning, my house was so hot I couldn’t breathe.  He had turned the thermostat up to eighty while I was away. The furnace was running and it was almost sixty degrees out. I was furious, but I talked nicely. I reminded him that he could touch the thermostat because I was strapped right now and I couldn’t afford a higher energy bill.  He apologized and he went back to his room and stared at the walls. After a week of having him just mope around and after a week of coming home to the furnace running and the thermostat at eighty, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I called mom to see if her house was finished. He either had to go there, or to a shelter.  I couldn’t have him here anymore.

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