Old HVAC in the restaurant

My boss is losing his patience with the office’s constant fighting over the thermostat settings.  Although we live in a fairly mild climate with average seasonal changes throughout the year, we constantly seem to sway back and forth between two extremes with everyones’ temperature demands.  Sally always complains about being cold and is the usual culprit when we find the thermostat set uncomfortably high amidst sweaty shirts and annoyed coworkers. Jim is Sally’s antithesis, no matter where we set the thermostat, he always wants it set lower.  We could take Jim to Alaska in January and he’d still complain that he was ‘burning up.’ Thankfully, myself, my boss, and the rest of the office are not overly picky when it comes to temperature settings, but we all lose our collective minds when no one can agree on a set temperature and we spend eight hours everyday with the air conditioner going on and off non stop.  First it feels stuffy and hot and then for the next hour we’ll start to freeze because Jim knocked it down on his way to the bathroom. Finally, after weeks of torment, my boss had enough. He put a locked box over the thermostat and set it to 76 degrees. He told Sally to bring a sweater to work everyday and he bought Jim a small desk fan for his workspace. He put his foot down and told everyone that from that day forward, the HVAC nightmare would end for good.  Our productivity is up and now I have one less thing making me loathe coming into work every morning. Jim and Sally aren’t particularly happy, but they weren’t to begin with. But at the very least, our thermostat woes at work are finally over.

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