AC running at full power

I have just moved into my new beach house with my girlfriend and let me tell you, it has been a bit of a struggle. My girlfriend and I have 2 different upbringings that are actually distinct from each other. She grew up truly being spoiled, living on the penthouse floor with her mother and her father. On the other hand, I grew up under pretty disappointing circumstances in an old run down apartment with my mother and father. Due to this, we have been having tons of fights about who should control the heating and cooling unit, and now that summer is rolling around, my spoiled girlfriend always thinks that nothing is wrong with running the cooling system twenty four hours a day. In my eyes, having the cooling system running at full power when we are not even there to enjoy it is just stupid and pointless. I mean, why use up all of that cool air plus money when nobody is there to enjoy it? Both she and I have now figured out a solution to this problem for the time being. On the odd days of the week, I am in full control of the heating plus cooling unit. I get to decide when we turn them on plus at what level they operate. On the even days of the week, my girlfriend gets to have her turn operating the heating plus cooling unit. It still isn’t perfect, but I have already noticed a pretty enjoyable change in our monthly utilities bills. It’s still not being the most cost efficient, however we will get to that point eventually.

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