Working for a/c calls

Working at a call center is a very crappy job! Unfortunately, I am stuck here due to the area I live in having no other viable work options. I’ve worked this hell for three years, and not only is the company practically torturing it’s employees with long hours and paying bad wages, the air quality in this place is absolutely awful! I have bad allergies as it is, and this place just compounds them! You’d think with a building this big and so many employees working in there, that they would possess excellent HVAC and an air purification system at the very least. But of course not! They are so cheap that they do nothing but set up run box fans when it is hot outside and you still sweat, and have all this dust floating around, killing the indoor air quality and making everything terrible! I actually went to my boss the other day and straight up demanded better climate control, or something like that, because I cannot work under these conditions. It turns out there have been other complainers, and they are finally getting air conditioning and an air purification systems next month! This was nothing short of a sigh of a miracle, because to be honest, I was getting ready to walk out the door and go flip burgers if I really had to!

HVAC filter

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