Ac was turned way low

I have to go to the grocery store this morning and I dread it.  It’s my least favorite chore of them all! Well, except for maybe cleaning the toilets.  I dislike going to the grocery store. unfortunately, we are all out of milk. And while I can scrape together snacks and meals from the cupboards and the freezer, I can’t manufacturer more milk and that’s what my kids are worried about! They just love milk! So I’m getting ready to leave for the store this morning and hopefully it won’t be too crowded. The problem I have with our grocery store is the fact that they just can’t seem to get their HVAC system under control. They either have their heating set too high and the whole place feels like you’re walking into a gas furnace, or they have the A/C turned down way too low. I think it’s even worse when the air conditioning is set too low in there. I mean, I can understand having it somewhat cold since they are selling fresh food and they want the temperature to help keep the food fresh and cold.  I am not a piece of meat! I don’t need to try to find my waffles and my coffee creamer while walking through a meat locker! I usually have to leave my heavy coat on the entire time that I’m grocery shopping because the air conditioning in the grocery store is running on a constant basis the whole time I’m in there. I plan my route through the aisles on whether or not there are air conditioning vents in the ceiling above me. It’s that bad!

handsome technician checking the ac at clients home

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