The dentist office lack of a/c

Today I had to take many of my  kids to the doctor. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to take kids to the doctor or not, but it is usually not a pleasant experience at all! And today was no different. Since we had all the  appointments at once, I had to run back and forth between exam rooms so I could be Dad for all of our kids. Two of them were scared and two of them were having cavities filled and so I had to answer all kinds of questions, all the running back and forth and talking to the doctors and hygienists particularly had me warm pretty quickly. The office manager at the dental office wasn’t having much success at keeping the thermostat set at the right temperatures. To me, it truly felt like they needed to have the air conditioning running in the dental office. The air conditioning wasn’t running at all, and there was heated air coming in through the air vents in the ceiling! I thought that dental offices were supposed to be cold, since it’s supposed to be less germy when the temperature is cold. The heat seemed to be running and that made me feel like the whole place was a little bit germy. I don’t know, but I think the office manager should do a little bit better job at keeping the HVAC at a consistent temperature. It’s bad enough when you have to go to the doctor, but if you’re dripping with sweat while you’re in the chair listening to them drill on your teeth, that makes it even worse!

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