The heater repair not going well

My partner and I live in a fairly moderate temperature, but several years ago, we were hit with one of the worst winters our town had ever seen, but us northerners are used to the chilly weather, we only need to use the furnace for a week or two out of the year. For the other months of the year, the furnace was not even a thought in my mind, then that’s why I often forget to schedule routine repairs and cleanings, however I couldn’t even remember the last time I changed the air filters in my heating units. When the chilly weather hit our town several winters back, I went to crank up the furnace a few degrees higher than I normally set it on. Almost instantly, the furnace made a loud sound that I was scared by. As the temperature of my home dropped over the next few fifths, it became clear that the furnace had shut down, however my partner likes to think he is a handyman and insisted on fixing the furnace himself. He worked for mornings while I shuddered under blankets by the fireplace. It wasn’t until the sixth morning of failure that he finally admitted defeat and called our local HVAC worker! Because of the unseasonably chilly temperatures, we still had to wait another morning before someone was available to come take a look. Not to be dramatic, but I swore I was going to freeze solid by that point! When the HVAC worker came, she made several minor repairs as well as replaced a few parts that had been worn down or dirtied with time. He told us that our problems were preventable had all of us taken better care of our furnace. After finally understanding what it’s like to depend on the furnace, my partner and I have religiously followed the tips the HVAC worker gave us that morning.

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