Need to get radiant floors

When I was moving last year, I was simply looking for a house that met my needs and had basic features, but I wanted an new heating and cooling system, brand new appliances, and hardwood floors. I knew I didn’t need anything fancy and I was just looking for anywhere I could call at home. I ended up finding a home that had all the features I was looking for, and it even had a few features I never thought I needed, like radiant floors. I’ve never been a oneto spend money where I don’t need to. However, even with the extra amenities, the price was in my budget. After looking at about ten houses, I decided to place an offer. I was moved in by the end of the summer… When winter time rolled around this year, I experienced a level of comfort I never knew I wanted or needed, but I will never choose to live without them again, then the radiant floors made such a noticeable difference in the warmth of my home. While I always knew heat rises, I never realized how much this affects the temperature of the floor and lower parts of the room. Now that I have radiant floors, it feels like the temperature of the room is more even and comfortable. I love to lay around in my socks on a snowy day. The radiant floors are a big part of what made me like my new home so much. I initially thought I would need an area rug for the hardwood floors during the winter, however the radiant floors are comfortable even without a rug. I find myself missing this feature when I’m over at a friend’s home that does not have radiant floors. I think I’ll have to start entertaining at my place!

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