Big problem with our thermostat

If any person could help me out with this concern I’m having at home, I would really like it. I really can’t comprehend what I’m doing wrong, but something is off with our temperature control plus our temperature control settings. I keep on trying to reset the temperature control, but it keeps on reverting back to the outdated heating & air conditioning settings that both of us had it set to before, but all I want to do is change some of the pre-set hot and cold temperatures around. The digital programmable temperature control just isn’t that user friendly, but either that, or I am just a big time idiot! I’m starting to know prefer it’s the latter choice because most people I know isn’t having any kind of trouble with their temperature controls whatsoever! And I really don’t want to call our local Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation because then I will know prefer a real idiot if they come all the way out to our apartment on a furnace repair call plus the only concern is that I don’t know how to adjust my temperature control! I’ve searched it up online but I can’t seem to find out what the issue is! Meanwhile, I can’t get our heating or our air conditioning to come on at the right time or for the right amount of time. It’s so lame! I undoubtedly wish that I had an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractor in the family so I could call them for some decent advice. I don’t know anyone who is fantastic with temperature controls or furnaces or cooling units, so I’m just all by myself. I know I’m going to have to supply up plus call an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C pro, even if I do end up looking super stupid!

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