The air ducts are gross now

I currently work in a pre-school with a ton of really wild and rampid running kids! They can get to be quite the task in trying to take care of them during the afternoon and trying to teach them all at the exact same time; How did I get into this business you ask? Well, I have consistently had a soft spot for children and loved helping them in any way I could manage. I went to school to get my degree in teaching and general afternoon care, but that’s how I ended up here, and I would not ever change it for the entire world! However, a single afternoon, things got a little out of hand and crazy; And, to be honorable almost decided to hang up my day care and teaching career and find something totally else! It was a Wednesday late afternoon, and I had just got pizza for all the kids. And what exactly did they do? They started having food fights! The whole classroom and building was a utter mess. I made them stay after and wipe up their mess, with the parents permission, then going around I realized that they threw pizza into the Heating & Air Conditioning ducts of the school’s heating and cooling system! This could mean big time trouble, however not only because there was no way any a single of us could scrub it off and wipe it without a latter, however the fact that it was totally inside the Heating & Air Conditioning ducts! I had to ring up an emergency heating and cooling supplier right then and there to get into the school, have a look and wipe out those Heating & Air Conditioning ducts! It cost the school a big penny having to get emergency heating and cooling service for pizza sauce in the Heating & Air Conditioning ducts that should not have ever occurred, however at the end of the day, they had no choice!

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