Changing the a/c settings

Not a ton of people today still go to the barber shop, and most can cut or shave, or even style their own hair at home now afternoons. However I am actually one of those very few people who honestly still go to the barber shop to get their hair cut! It is that outdated university feeling for me, and I do not at all like to change with the new times. As a matter of fact, I dislike just about everything of today’s world, civilization and all, but the old university barber parlor is a single of the only things that still exists for me. And a single thing about where I go to get our haircut that is awesome is the heating and cooling method they have in the barber parlor! The heating and cooling method is constantly the perfect temperature for when it is either ice cold outside or super warm outside! When you walk in while in the Summer months, you get a brisk blow of fresh and ice cold air from the a/c and it is truthfully, easily enjoyable to say the very least. In the Winter months, when you walk in you get a sizable blast of oil furnace, which actually makes it also super enjoyable in the area! It feels the best by far, not to mention the old university atmosphere of getting your hair cut by a professional Dad and pop shop type barber. Nothing beats the barber shop, or, the top of the line, usual high quality and super awesome heating and cooling unit they have in that venue! Life can be so grand sometimes!

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