the HVAC for royalty

Have you ever pondered what it was care about in the old days of the prince and princesses back when in the eras where there was castles and horses? Well, I have. However not in the way 1 would imagine, but you would believe that I must be wondering what life itself was care about back in those old days. However, what I am thinking of is what life was like for princesses and princes separate from the invention of heating and cooling systems! Imagine, while in humid and hot weeks how did they keep cool? I mean, separate from heating and cooling, on a hot summer day they must have been dripping in sweat! And wow, there must have been many people who dropped dead from the heat having no escape from it wherever they went! Then on the other hand, what about the Wintertide time weeks? There must have been people who dropped dead from freezing to death! How could they go separate from at minimal, even a portable space heater? All of these different forms of the most basic Heating, Ventilation & A/C technology were centuries away, then it would be entirely interesting to believe the truth about life without heating and cooling, and sadly, but maybe fortunately at the same time, every one of us will never believe the answer to this question at all. I think that I know more on the fortunate side! Simple reason why to be honest…and that is the fact that I personally can not survive without heating and cooling! Especially air conditioning in the Summer time months! In the Wintertide weeks, forget it. I would be frozen solid separate from our heating and cooling!

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