Wasting energy on the heater

Last December, my numerous university roommates & I decided to host a huge celebration at our place.  The people I was with and I rent a big, seasoned house, which is located just off campus. The people I was with and I spent a small fortune on popcorn, beer, alcohol & mixers for the celebration, & invited around forty people.  The people I was with and I didn’t expect them to all show up. Since the two of us wanted almost everyone to be comfortable & have a nice time, my roommates & I decided to bump up the temperature control setting by a few degrees.  We’re constantly absolutely conscious about minimizing our energy bills & tend to keep the home downright chilly. The people I was with and I like to bundle up in overcoats rather than waste our budget on heating costs. The gas furnace installed in the home is downright outdated & not overly energy efficient.  It takes the plan a long time to heat up the house. By the time our guests arrived, the home was nice & warm. Once a ton of people were packed inside, the home swiftly became overheated & stuffy. I noticed people were getting sweaty & fanning themselves, so I turned down the gas furnace a bit. Then I started discovering open windows & doors allowing  the outside air in. The temperature was only twelve degrees, & it was snowing. Our heated air was escaping straight outside. The gas furnace was pumping out heat at maximum capacity, & I sad about it cutting down. I lowered the temperature control setting even further, & kept running around shutting the windows & doors. That celebration ended up costing us a tremendous amount of money because of the resulting energy bill.  The people I was with and I spent more to heat the home for that 1 evening than the two of us usually do in an entire month.


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