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Where I’m from, down in the southern area of the country, every one of us eat some odd stuff… Well, it’s not undoubtedly odd to us, since we’re used to it, but to other people who aren’t from here, it’s undoubtedly weird! Every one of us eat stuff love squirrel meat and squash pigs’ feet and stuff love that, however my number one thing of all to eat from here, though, is something called livermush. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s made from leftover pig meat mixed up with cornmeal. When you fry it up and eat it with mustard, it’s the most delicious thing you ever tasted! But there’s one small problem with livermush – other than the obvious ingredients of course. When you fry livermush, it odors up your home office and your house to high heaven… Any southerner knows when another southerner has been cooking livermush, because the indoor air pollen levels in the house has turned simply terrible! You have to turn on the air conditioning, the ceiling fans, the window component air conditioners, and the exhaust fans just to try and get the indoor air pollen levels back to normal. The best thing to do after frying livermush would be to turn on your whole house air cleaner, if you happen to have one. Every one of us don’t have an air cleaner at the moment, but our fiance keeps on threatening to install one if I don’t stop frying up livermush for supper. I told him to go ahead and install an whole-house air purifier and a current Heating in addition to A/C system while he’s at it, because I will never provide up our southern delicacy of livermush!

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