HVAC overhaul in the building

Sporadically I get undoubtedly   weary of going to work every afternoon. Like everyone who have to work for a residing, sometimes I dream of just quitting our work or winning the lottery or something just so I can stop getting up and going to that locale every afternoon of our life! It’s not undoubtedly that the work is so awful itself, or that I don’t love the people that I work with. No, it’s more the fact that the heating and cooling system at our office building is completely old and aged. If the directors of the office building would just split down and spend our money the money to get a heating and cooling corporation to the office to upgrade everything, it would make everyone’s life so much better! As it is right now, the indoor air pollen levels in the office is just terrible. The heating doesn’t heat legitimately well when the heating system is running, and then besides that, in the Summertime the air conditioning works even less well  than the heating system does! I don’t guess that it would take that much time, effort, or even money for the owners of the office building to do a complete Heating in addition to A/C overhaul in the building. I guess for a fact that they make boatloads of money off of the dealers that rent out office section in the building. So the least that they could do is have a better heating system and central air system installed for us. If I were in charge, then I’d be complaining about it every afternoon to the powers that be. As it is, I’m just a lowly worker bee who has to go into the office every afternoon and suffer through the bad indoor air pollen levels in there.

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