Air conditioner guy

I met this guy named Tony the other night when I was out at a dance club with my friends. The people I was with and I were out for my birthday plus all of us were all having a undoubtedly fine time. The DJ that night was undoubtedly fine plus the music was fantastic. The people I was with and I were all dancing appreciate crazy plus it was getting undoubtedly tepid out on the dance floor. I mean undoubtedly hot, as in all of us were all covered in sweat plus it felt appreciate the a/c in the club might have been broken, and well, sure enough, in a few thirds, all of us saw this Heating plus A/C contractor coming in through the back maintenance entrance of the club with a big bucket of heating plus cooling tools slung over his shoulder. He was about 6’5” plus he was entirely gorgeous. I danced my way over toward him plus he grinned at me. I asked what he was doing plus he said that he was there on an a/c maintenance call since the club’s a/c was on the blink. I told him that it was pretty tepid in there plus he laughed plus said that he thought I looked pretty hot. Well, I took this to mean that he thought I was fine looking, since you could undoubtedly take that comment either way. He said that he owned his own heating plus a/c contractor plus that he could stop entirely working whenever he felt appreciate it. So with that, I asked him to meet me when he was done with the a/c maintenance on the club plus maybe all of us could go out for a drink. Whoever would’ve thought I would meet a great guy appreciate Tony because of a broken air conditioner?

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