Need to find the a/c thieves

Sometimes terrible experiences can be more embarrassing than physically painful. Though all of us we deeply affected by the loss of our property, I guess the beating our pride took was worse than the discomfort of the heat, however can you imagine what it’s like to be dripping with sweat in your home, right away after shelling out big bucks for a brand new Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit?. Both of us called the police after discovering the loss & they came with horns & lights blazing, waking up our neighbours & adding to our embarrassment.

             The good thing that came out of that was that most people was sympathetic & vowed to help us find the condenser, but one neighbour who is a Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier, brought us a condenser which he said all of us could use till ours was found. Both of us were severely grateful to be enjoying the type of air conditioned air all of us had just paid for. After many weeks, all of us were about to supply up hope of ever finding our stolen property, when the police called. They were following up on a tip they had  earned from a single of our neighbours.

          Imagine our joy when the officers showed up a few hours later with our condenser, & more than one members of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning team who had done our replacement. In no time, the AC techs had removed the temporary condenser, & replaced it with ours. Soon, our new Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit was really working fantastic again, but with its own condenser. The officers told us that they had the thieves in custody, & that all of us should come to the police station to officially press charges against them.

         I couldn’t wait to do that!

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