Winter getaway plan

My mom called today to remind me to pack my bathing suit for our trip next week! There is nothing better to me than escaping the frozen tundra of the north for a month to see my family in the south for the holidays. I can stop worrying about the oil boiler as well as if I’m dressed hot enough for the afternoon, as well as relax in jeans as well as a t-shirt as well as my sandals! Hello sunshine, how I have missed you. It’s so hot wear my parents live that they’re still using the cooling system, even though it’s nearly January. Our activities that the people I was with and I want to try this time include a glass bottom boat tour, snorkeling, as well as even a mermaid show. In between going out as well as doing things, we’re going to relax at the beach as well as then take the pets on nice long hikes at the charming parks. She just sent me pictures today of all the flowers in bloom as well as the pets swimming in the water. The locals there won’t swim in January; they suppose 73 degrees is too cold of a water temperature, then but our beaches up north barely get as high as 65 in the height of warm season. My friends suppose it’s odd that I don’t want a pale white Christmas. They all suppose its tradition to be curled up by the fireplace in a cozy jacket with a cup of hot chocolate–but not me! Give me sun as well as a/c anyday. I would rather worry about dressing to stay cool as well as reapplying sunscreen, than bundling up as well as counting down the mornings till the next oil furnace bill.


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